Group Dog Adventures

Wiggles and Woofs does not offer pet sitting, boarding, board-and-train, or individual dog walking services at this time. For more information about group dog adventures, please continue reading.

Service Area: Kirkland, north Bellevue, and south/central Redmond, WA

Jen Gumas, the owner of Wiggles and Woofs, is committed to using positive, ethical, science-based methods when working with dogs. Jen is also trained in pet first aid and CPR, so you know your pup is in good hands. Visit the About page for more information!

For the pet care services listed on this page, you will need to schedule a phone call and an intake consultation before services begin. This free consultation is a chance for you to meet Jen and ask questions! It is also an opportunity for Jen to meet you and your pet, gather information, sign paperwork, review vaccine records, and help determine which services are the best fit for your pet’s needs.

Group Dog Adventures

Does your dog enjoy hanging out with other respectful dog friends, but maybe doggy daycare is a bit too hectic for them? Your dog might love Group Dog Adventures!

Outings include approximately 60 minutes of hiking, dog park play, and/or off-leash exploration with a small group of dog friends.

Adventure outings are kept at a maximum of four dogs to ensure that everybody is well supervised and has a great time!

Currently, the Group Dog Adventure Crew offers services Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The current crew is a lovely group of mellow adult dogs who enjoy sniffing, exploring, hiking, fetch, and respectful play. Our current dogs are past their rowdy teenage days and have a more moderate energy level. So, if your dog is also an adult, or perhaps a bit of a wallflower, they will fit right in! If your dog younger with boundless energy and wants to play all day, they may find daycare to be a better fit.

To join the Group Dog Adventure Crew, your dog needs to be able to:

  • Hike on leash with other dogs
  • Play appropriately with dogs of all sizes in off-leash environments
  • Leave other dogs alone if they would prefer not to play
  • Ride reasonably calmly in a car with other dogs
  • Come when called off leash

This service includes waste pick-up, wipe down/dry off if dog is wet, and updates if you’d like them! Updates often include photos and videos. You can follow the Group Dog Adventure Crew on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!

Please note that not all dogs are good candidates for group adventure outings. While dogs with anxiety, reactivity, or aggression are welcome in our training programs, they are not candidates for Group Dog Adventures. Jen will help you determine whether your dog would enjoy Wiggles and Woofs group outings as part of your initial phone call and pet care consultation.

  • $28 per outing (includes tax)