About the Owner

Hello, I’m Jen Gumas, the owner of Wiggles and Woofs Dog Training and Pet Care, LLC.

Jen Gumas, owner of Wiggles and Woofs, petting a wombat in Australia.

Upon graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 2005, I began volunteering with Seattle Animal Shelter after moving to Seattle in 2007. Through walking and fostering dogs with the shelter, I gained experience walking and training many sizes and breeds of dogs with a variety of needs. I have always had a special place in my heart for fearful and reactive dogs.

After more than a decade of teaching science in the classroom on weekdays and volunteering with animals on the weekends, it was time for a change. That change was to found a small and unique business, Wiggles and Woofs, to pursue my joy of working with animals full-time. Over time, Wiggles and Woofs has evolved, starting with a focus in pet care, and later changing to have more of a focus on dog training and behavior consulting after I earned my credentials as a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA).

After re-locating to the east side, I began volunteering with Seattle Humane’s Dog Behavior and Socialization team and then became a Behavior Program Assistant volunteer, working with some of the shelter’s most challenging dogs. I was thrilled to later become a dog training instructor for Seattle Humane’s dog training classes that are open to both adopters and the public. Finally, in 2018, I founded Seattle Humane’s volunteer BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) program to help fearful, frustrated, and reactive shelter dogs. I attended the Official BAT School and became a CBATI (certified BAT instructor) in October of 2019.

My philosophy is that positive, ethical training methods are the safest and most effective way to work with animals. As a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master of Science in Education, my teaching style is unique in that it reflects my knowledge of best practices for both human learning and canine learning and behavior. If you would like more information about positive training methods, check out this blog post, the Resources page, or contact me for more information!

The Philosophy and Inspiration Behind Wiggles and Woofs

The philosophy behind Wiggles and Woofs is that ALL pets deserve experienced, professional, and positive caretakers and trainers. 

This philosophy was inspired by Gertie, a very special bulldog I fostered, fell in love with, and adopted through a rescue group.

Working with Gertie taught me many valuable lessons about canine behavior. The truth is, while some pets are fairly easy to work with, other pets need some extra knowledge and care. My goal in founding Wiggles and Woofs is to offer ethical dog training and pet care to communities on Seattle’s east side.

Whether you just want your dog to have a fun outing or you have a pet who requires training or consulting for behavior concerns, Wiggles and Woofs is here to help. Visit the Contact page today to set up your initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you and your pet!