Classes and Seminars


Have you ever wondered what your canine companion is thinking? Most dog communication is non-verbal, so a lot of it goes right over our human heads! Learn to better understand your dog and how to greet and interact with dogs safely.

This ~75 minute presentation is full of great pictures and illustrations to make it fun and engaging for dog owners of all ages! It also includes information on dog-dog greetings, dog-human greetings, and bite prevention. Time for Q&A is included.

Price: Pay what you can. This class has an estimated value of $15. Jen, the owner of Wiggles and Woofs, believes that EVERYBODY should be able to learn about canine communication. To be more inclusive, participants can register and pay what they can afford. Everyone is welcome, including if you attend for free!


Dogs at Play is a fascinating look into dog play (what’s normal, what’s not, and when/how to intervene) and staying safe in dog social settings like dog parks. This ~75 minute presentation is full of pictures, videos, and helpful information for all dog owners, whether you are new to dog ownership or a veteran. Time for Q&A is included.

This presentation assumes the audience has some knowledge of canine body language, so it is recommended that you attend Learn to Speak Dog before attending this seminar.

Price: $20 per household

Presentations and Speaking Engagements

Jen is available for presentations at public and private events, including Zoom meetings or conferences. Jen has over a decade of experience in curriculum design, and she loves using her skills to customize presentations to the needs of the audience in terms of length, format, and content.

  • Please feel free to contact Jen for more information about customizing a presentation for your group!