Current COVID-19 Policies

Last updated 5/16/2021

Is the trainer I’m working with vaccinated?

The only trainer you’d be working with through Wiggles and Woofs is the owner, Jen Gumas. Even though Jen is fully vaccinated, she will continue to wear her mask to in-person sessions to make sure that clients feel at ease. If you are fully vaccinated and comfortable working with Jen without her wearing her mask, feel free to let her know.

What is the current COVID-19 policy for Wiggles and Woofs?

Policies for outdoor, in-person sessions
  • Any participants who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask for the duration of the session.
  • Fully vaccinated participants are welcome to be unmasked.
  • Please note that if you arrive at an in-person session unmasked, Jen will inquire about your vaccination status.
  • If you prefer not to disclose your vaccination status, you are welcome to continue wearing your mask to any in-person sessions.

  • Most initial consultations will take place via virtual/video consulting.
    • Whether an initial consultation will be virtual or in-person will be determined based both on your dog’s needs and your preferences.
    • A virtual consultation allows us to discuss your dog’s behavior in as much detail as needed without additional stress for your dog. If we run out of things to talk about with time to spare, you will receive a discount on your follow-up session to reflect that extra time!
    • Jen will let you know what type of session is appropriate for your dog based on your electronic intake forms.
  • Follow-up sessions can be either via virtual/video consulting OR in-person outdoors.

Policies for indoor, in-person sessions
  • Indoor, in-person sessions will only take place in rare/exceptional cases. If you feel your dog has a behavior problem that can only be addressed in an indoors and in-person, please let Jen know.
  • If all members in the home are fully vaccinated, we may work indoors with masks, ventilation, and additional screening questions. Proof of vaccination for all household members will be required in advance.
  • Virtual/video sessions are always available and can typically accomplish the same goals as in-person, indoor sessions. If you prefer not to disclose your vaccination status or show proof of vaccination, please schedule a virtual/video session.

  • Clients must let Jen know before an in-person session if they have been ill within the past 2 weeks. We will decide whether it’s safe to move ahead with meeting in person after additional screening questions.

How can I ask questions or find out more?

You can contact us here to find out more.