Day Training

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your dog’s behavior? Are you stressed thinking about how to fit training into your schedule? A day training or walk-and-train package may be ideal for you!

Day Training/Walk-and-Train Packages

These customizable 4 or 6 week packages focus on Jen working directly with your dog (owner does not need to be present). Brief progress reports are included with each visit.

Owners participate in one “transfer session” per week to learn how to continue working with their dog. One follow-up session is included.

Six Week Custom Packages

  • $1400 for 3 visits a week
  • $1040 for 2 visits a week

Four Week Custom Packages

  • $960 for 3 visits a week
  • $760 for 2 visits a week

Socialization Outings

Puppies and some adult dogs benefit from positive socialization experiences to help them be less fearful of people, places, and things. These 60 minute visits to dog-friendly areas help your pup grow their confidence and include a progress report with every outing.

  • $600 for a package of 10 trips
  • $360 for a package of 6 trips

Courteous Canine Curriculum Package

This package is ideal to get puppies or new dogs off to a great start with foundation skills and basic manners. It’s also an ideal program for busy dog owners who would like their dog to learn foundation skills but do not have the availability to attend a basic manners class.

This 6-8 week program includes scheduled trainer visits 3 times a week. Primarily a day training/walk-and-train format (training that does not require the owner to be present), the Courteous Canine Curriculum package can be customized depending on the needs of your puppy or adult dog.

The Courteous Canine Curriculum typically includes:

  • Watch owner with name
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Leave it
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Drop it
  • Touch/hand targeting
  • Loose leash walking
  • Polite greetings

This package includes weekly “transfer sessions” with Jen so that owners know how to continue their dog’s positive progress. One follow-up session in person plus three additional months of text/phone/email support are included after graduation.

Owners who select the Puppy Plus Package get the learning objectives above plus two additional weeks of positive socialization, basic conditioning to grooming and handling, and one hour of consulting about common puppy behavior challenges.

  • $1475 for 6 week Basic CCC package
  • $1940 for 8 week CCC Puppy Plus package

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