Individual Coaching Sessions

Let Wiggles and Woofs Come to You!

With private training, Jen will meet with you and your dog at your home, a park, or another suitable location.

Effective Help for a Wide Variety of Canine Concerns

Jen has experience helping clients with a wide array of training and behavior issues, including:

  • Reactivity (lunging, barking, or growling)
  • Aggression
  • Fear of the vet or groomers
  • Discomfort with handling and grooming
  • Overcoming fear of noises, people, places, or things
  • Resource guarding
  • Basic manners and foundation skills
  • Socialization (for puppies and adults)
  • Leash manners
  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Dog-dog introductions and interactions

Individualized Approach

Training is not one size fits all. Recognizing that all humans and all dogs are individuals, Jen believes in customizing training plans to meet the needs of both people and their pets. Any consultation with Jen includes gathering a detailed history of your pet so that a plan can be created to meet your specific needs and help you achieve success.

Training Plans that are Easy to Understand

Training plans are written in language that is easy to understand and often include supplementary visuals and videos. Jen believes that the relationship between dog owners and trainers should be one of ongoing support. If questions arise, help is an email or phone call away.

Behavior Problem Consultation

Behavior Problem Consultations are suitable for dogs who have behavior concerns related to fear, anxiety, reactivity, or aggression. Examples include dogs who growl at visitors, bark at other dogs while on leash, etc.

A Behavior Problem Consultation consists of two parts and is 1.5 to 2 hours in length.

During your consultation, you will work with Jen to:

  • Gather any additional information about your pet’s history as needed
  • Discuss behavior goals
  • Get started on behavior modification

Part 1: Virtual Session: Laying Foundations and Making a Plan

Starting on Zoom allows Jen to ask any necessary follow-up questions while your dog relaxes in your home. We will establish some foundation skills to help your dog be successful when we meet in person. Finally, we will make a plan about where to meet and what to work on so we can have a productive second half of our session in person. This part of your session will last 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your dog’s case.

Part 2: Assessment and Behavior Modification In Person

During this session, you will meet in person with Jen and start training! This session will be 60 minutes in length.

You will receive a written training plan after your in-person session that outlines how to reach behavior goals and gives recommendations for any additional sessions needed. Three months of ongoing support for questions related to your behavior plan are included.

  • $175 for a behavior problem consultation with a standard written summary
  • $35 one-time fee if you request a detailed behavior assessment and modification plan
  • Savings of $10 for Homeward Pet Adoption Center, Seattle Humane, and Seattle Animal Shelter alumni

Basic Training Consultation

Basic Training Consultations are suitable for puppies and dogs who need to work on basic manners and foundation skills. Examples include dogs who are working on skills like sit, down, stay, come, polite greetings, loose leash walking, etc.

A Basic Training Consultation is approximately 60 minutes in length and includes:

  • Gathering information about your pet’s history
  • Discussing behavior goals
  • Getting started on training
  • Three months of ongoing support for questions related to your training plan
  • $130 for a basic training consultation with a written summary

Interested in keeping your entire session virtual?

If you would like to work together entirely on Zoom rather than meeting in person for your consultation, please feel free to inquire! This is an option for many cases and discounts are available for Zoom consultations and follow-up sessions.

Not sure whether you need a Behavior Problem Consultation or Basic Training Consultation? No problem! Contact Jen to get the ball rolling and she will help you determine which type of consultation is appropriate for your dog.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions serve as a follow-up after an initial consultation for dogs and owners who want continued support as they work towards training goals. The trainer, owner, and dog are present for coaching sessions.

  • $100 for a 60 minute session in person
  • $10 discount/virtual sessions

Introduction to BAT 2.0 Package

BAT 2.0 (Behavior Adjustment Training) is gentle, force-free training method that empowers dogs to communicate peacefully in their native “canine language” and make positive behavior choices.

BAT 2.0 has many wonderful applications and can help dogs in numerous ways, including:

  • Socializing puppies and adult dogs
  • Facilitating safe on-leash greetings and walks
  • Improving dog-dog social interaction skills
  • Reducing frustration on leash
  • Reducing fear and reactivity towards dogs, people, or other triggers
  • Reducing aggression towards dogs, people, or other triggers
  • Helping dogs with “stranger danger” inside and outside the home

Jen is a certified BAT instructor (CBATI) who loves teaching clients how to help dogs using BAT 2.0.

BAT packages include a private tutoring session with Jen to learn BAT basics (both key concepts and hands-on skills); educational BAT materials; assistance and coaching before, during, and after BAT set-ups; optional membership in Seattle’s Eastside BAT Facebook Group for continued support; and optional video analysis/video support. A free BAT leash of your choice is also included in every package.

  • $490 for 4 BAT sessions plus a BAT leash
  • $375 for 3 BAT sessions plus a BAT leash

New Puppy Support Session

Puppies are adorable and wonderful! They also can be stressful! If you’ve never owned a puppy before, or perhaps haven’t had one for a while, this package is perfect to get you off to a great start. This package is designed to give you plenty of support for the first few months as your new friend settles into your home, and help you with many of the most common challenges that new dog owners face.

Most behavior problems can be prevented by preparing BEFORE your new puppy comes home. This package sets you up for success with the option of a consultation session that prepares you for your new dog before they arrive.

Since Jen has worked with puppy owners and adopters for years, she knows many of the most common questions and problems that new owners encounter. As part of this consultation, you receive a “Puppy Quick Start Guide” designed to quickly answer all of the most common questions that new puppy owners have about house training, chewing, learning to be left alone, and more!

Have you already brought your new pup home, and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed? No problem, your consultation session can be adapted to your current needs.

Phone/text/email support is included for 3 months.

  • $150 for a 60 minute consultation session, Puppy Quick Start Guide, and 3 months of support

Ready to set up your consultation and get started? Visit our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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